Pre menstruation syndrome

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pre menstruation syndrome or commonly called PMS, is a position deal shroud emotional problems during life span before a woman gets menarche ( often a year before menarche until the tip of menarche ). This syndrome is related suppress hormonal changing during the ovulation course. Estrogen that produced massed during the proliferative trajectory will gradually less produce trough the ovulation expression and progesterone production will motivate to innumerable. This changing commonly leads uncomfortable heart and another emotionally sensitive that is the pre menstruation syndrome.

7 days before a woman gets menarche or 21 days of menstruation rotation is the interval of ovulation. Which is the ovum will emblematize released to the tube. In this period there is also hormonal production changing, from estrogen to progesterone to be more produce. And also the body temperature will increase during this time that may also lead the uncomfortable feelings. The PMS commonly related with social and psychological problems than a physical problems. More sensitive emotion and uncontrollable temper to anger may psychologically disturb to herself or her social environment, to the people around her.

But it may be considered as physical or health problem when the menarche period comes deal with the lower abdominal pain experienced by a woman. The pain is caused by endometrial muscle that broken down during the menarche period. The endometrial break down lead the collapses of its blood vessels that used to circulate the endometrium and lead the bleeding inside the womb. The severity of the pain is personally different each woman. Usually the pain is worst in the first day of menarche, or maybe until the day 2 or 3. But both the pain and emotional disturbance will gradually be gone during the end of menarche period. But today many supplement that offering solution to menarche pain, or you can also consume food that containing magnesium, that might reduce the pain, like pineapple or other fruits and vegetables.


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